2016 DxMA Global Marketing Summit
Transforming Dx: Revolution Evolution
April 13–14, 2016
Town & Country Hotel
San Diego, CA


The diagnostics industry is undergoing rapid transformation. As we witness advances in molecular diagnostics, the ‘omics’ revolution, and wearables, the question becomes:

Are we experiencing an industry-wide revolution, evolution, or both?

We’ll dive head-first into this discussion at the DxMA Global Marketing Summit.

Join us to hear from industry leaders about current trends and the future of diagnostics. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with senior industry marketers, thought leaders, and marketing agencies.

Want more details? We’ll tackle the evolution/revolution question from a variety of angles:

  • Technology—what’s the latest and greatest in translational research, omics, pharmacy, and direct-to-consumer tech?
  • Marketing—whether it’s B2B or B2C, how should we be using today’s marketing tools, from Big Data to social media to automation?
  • Reimbursement—how do reimbursement changes factor into molecular, infectious disease, pharmacogenomics, and point-of-care diagnostics?
  • Regulatory—what regulatory practices are in place for expedited access pathway programs? What are the challenges, legalities, and opportunities in DTC marketing?


Is there a topic you’d like to speak about? We’re looking for additions to our line-up. Contact Tony Maiorino at info@dxma.org.

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One last question: Can you really afford to miss this opportunity?