Founded in 1974 as the BMA (Biomedical Marketing Association), our organization has remained true to its mission by providing industry insights, networking opportunities and forums to exchange ideas. Certain events stand out as we have continued to raise the bar in member programs and benefits. These include:


  • The first annual Diagnostics Marketing Conference held in 1978 at Technicon in Tarrytown, NY
  • The Dx Awards Program, started in 1989, recognizing the best of the best in diagnostics marketing
  • Annual seminars held in conjunction with the major industry events since 1992, including AACC, ASM and most recently AMP
  • The annual Jerry Goldsmith Award for Excellence established in 1998, recognizing the contribution made by an individual to the growth and impact of the DxMA
  • Launch of the DxMA Webcast series in 2008 focused on topical and relevant challenges within healthcare, in general, and IVD specifically
  • Establishment of the Marketer of the Year Award, recognizing a company that raises the bar in diagnostics marketing


Our organization continues this mission with a focus on the challenges today’s marketers face such as, the world of big data, post digital advertising in a regulated industry, reputation capital, and emerging business models, to name a few.


Our local networking events are expanding and you will see more of them this year, both formally and informally. These events are a great way to meet new colleagues in your local area or just catch up with other DxMA members while learning something new.


Do you know our Board of Directors? If you haven’t had a chance to meet the Board members, I encourage you to introduce yourself to them at an event; whether in person or virtually. This Board is a team of engaged professionals with a passion for diagnostics. The drive and energy that the Board brings to the DxMA and the promotion of the Association is absolutely amazing. They are great people to know!


We are your professional organization! It is through your service to and support of the DxMA that we continue to grow. You will gain immeasurably by being active in the organization.